Deeply. Madly. Crazy.

What are you to do, when the person that you love just says no?

Well that was a total heartache. What if that person truly says no? What will you do? Will you let that person go?

Oops. Guys! Don’t freak out! Because this line only came from Sam Smith’s newly released music video, “Baby, you make me crazy” last 22nd of June, 2018.

Gosh! The delivery of the song from the music video was acoustic and upbeat but we can consider irony, because the lyrics were total opposite. OMG! It can make us craaazy!

But then believe it or not, Sam Smith, the English singer and song writer known for his soulful songs, is still deeply and madly in love with his recent boyfriend, Brandon Flynn, one of the characters from the American series, “13 Reasons Why”. And so why his past songs seems like out of context?

The lyrics truly make the difference! Would you believe that it is because of his past relationship failures? We definitely get inspired by those heartaches that we felt.

But time flies! And in our case, we met people by choice. There’s that one person who deserves you no matter what. All you need to do is to love, and wait for who God created for you to be with. You deserve to be loved and be hooked on that line, “Baby, you make me crazy.”

So what are you waiting for? The link’s below!