She found her light!

‘The light is coming to give back everything the darkness stole’

That’s one hella beautiful line that will stuck in your head from Ariana Grande’s Sweetener promo single “The Light is Coming” featuring again the astounding, Nicki Minaj!

The song dropped on June 20 and it’s Ari-Nicki 4th collaboration. AND CAN I JUST SAY… THE LYRICS IS EVERYTHING!

Photo Source: Google

Photo Source: Google

The Light is Coming is all about how a girl needed to change herself just to feel loved and worthy. Her boyfriend isn’t exactly giving her the affection she deserves. Yep, sometimes, we do things like this. Sometimes silly things like not be ourselves…

But here’s the plot twist, guys! SHE. FOUND. HER. LIGHT.  Ain’t nobody got time to change for a man! Be you Ari, be you.

Watch how Ariana gracefully sways to the woods together with Nicki below!