You are valid.

Colors don’t have genders. We are equally created, so, we should be equally treated regardless of who we are and who we love. You know, it costs nothing to be a kind human being!

Brightest rainbows arose last Saturday, June 30, at the Marikina Sports Center in Marikina City. Woah there, ‘cause 20,000  to 25,000 beautiful souls came!

For 2018, Pride March themed ‘Rise Up Together.’

Belongingness, that is the part of the beauty of LGBTQ+ community. You’re not lonely and far-flung from anyone. You belong.

Oh, look how heartwarming this moment is..

Remember that sexuality and gender identification won’t drive you away from God. Don’t fear change and diversity, instead, raise your flags high and proud!

Imagine if the world’s embracing you with respect and love.. this would probably be the purest thing on earth.

Photo Source: DJ Diaz

Photo Source: DJ Diaz