How BTS Are Melting the World’s Hearts Once Again Just like Butter

Written by on June 16, 2021

Was there ever any doubt that the Bulletproof Boy Scouts would once again dominate the charts, even topping their tremendously successful Disco Pop banger, ‘Dynamite’? After the widespread success of Dynamite, new fans and ARMYs across the world awaited song, after song, after song, until they teased their newest English track ‘Butter’ through multiple iconic concept photos and teaser clips posted on their official Instagram page. After a countdown livestream and behind the scenes footage of the much awaited music video, ‘Butter’ finally released on the 21st of May at 12:00 PM PHST, hitting a record breaking 113 million views in just the first 24 hours of its release on YouTube, even surpassing Dynamite which broke the record for the most viewed YouTube video in under 24 hours with 101 million views back in 2020.

So what makes Butter so appealing? Perhaps it’s the thumping bassline mistily reminiscent of Queen’s iconic ‘Another One Bites the Dust’? Perhaps it’s because BTS are the most illustrious music group all over the world in pop music today? Perhaps the songs that they have been releasing completely in the English language are experiencing mass appeal to those who are foreign to the more xenocentric pop sound? Or maybe it’s their ostentatiously fun dance moves that derive from a multitude of genres from Hip-Hop, Disco, contemporary dance, and more, that inspire those even with two left feet to pick up the art of dancing? Perhaps it’s all of these at once and so much more for the presence of BTS is a spectacle for the hearts of many across the world as they came from humble beginnings to the international sensation they are today.

BTS 2013 (via:

From the members overjoyed to have hit 25,000 views in the first 24 hours of their debut music video ‘No More Dream’ back in 2013 to performing ’Butter’ live at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards and winning all 4 award categories they were nominated for, namely: Top Selling Song for Dynamite, Top Social Artist for the fifth year in a row, Top Duo/Group, and Top Song Sales Artist.

BTS performing ‘Butter’ at the 2021 BBMAs (via:

BTS holding their trophies at the BBMAs (via:

The legacy that BTS is building through their hard work and constant willingness to experiment with new variations and fusions of pop and other genres, to their bohemian yet colorfully playful fashion style, and their spectacular mishmash of various styles of dance, BTS is an unstoppable force that captures the hearts and inspiration of many across the world. There’s no telling what new concept they have in store for ARMYs and new fans with their next projects but without a doubt, this may only be just the beginning. Sidestep right left to the beat and stay smooth like butter with their recently released ‘Cooler’, ‘Sweeter’, and ‘Hotter’ Remixes of today’s number 1 song, now streaming on all platforms.

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